Pictures are not only worth a thousand words, but also the precious memories embedded into them. They memorialize a moment in time that will never happen again but serve as a reminder of the exact feelings and emotions felt when the shutter went off. Clay Gully Outfitters is more than just a place to go hunt, we pride ourselves on being a place to create memories with your family for years to come!

Photography Packages:

5 Edited Photos: $50
10 Edited Photos: $75
20 Edited Photos: $100

The opportunity to have a video of your hunt to show your buddies at work doesn’t always come around often, but we can send a professional videographer afield with you to document the whole thing! One of our guides, Logan Thomas, is an experienced outdoor videographer who has filmed for shows on the local and national level. With his expertise as a guide and a videographer, you’re bound to have a hunt you won’t forget!

Videography Packages:

Bronze Package: Your hunt edited into a sequence of raw clips – $50
Silver Package: Your hunt edited into a short film with video transitions and audio mixing – $100
Gold Package: Your hunt edited into a Television quality production – $400