Corporate Membership

Package Includes: 
20 Meat Hogs
1 Alligator (6 to 7 foot)  
All Predators (Bobcats, Coyotes)
Membership Cost: $4800.00

Additional Services: 
Thermal Night Hunts (Predator, Hogs)             $150.00
Hog Hunting with Dogs                                   $175.00 (Per Hunter)
Public and Private Land Duck Hunting             $150.00 
Additional Trophy Hog                                     $250.00
Additional Meat Hog                                       $125.00

Daily rate (Guide Fee, Meals, Lodging Etc)      $150.00 (Per Person) 

Clay Gully Outfitters

6240 HWY 98
Lorida, Florida 33857
(833) 464-4868

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