Gator Hunting

Clay Gully Outfitters is the largest year-round, free-range gator hunting outfitter in the state of Florida! We offer fully guided public land hunts, as well as private land hunts on over 96,000 acres that we have leased. All of our gators are free-range, so our professional guides are always scouting to find the gator of your desired length. If your target animal is 6 feet, 13 feet, or anywhere in between,  we can find the right gator for you.

Our hunting excursions are unique and personal, so whether you want to “spot and stalk” or explore the marsh on an airboat, we have a gator hunting package for you. The number of yearly hunting tags is limited, so book your hunt with us today!

Gator Hunt Pricing

Private land (Cost assessed by size of gator)

6ft.    $1,200
7ft.    $1,300
8ft.    $1,500
9ft.    $2,500
10ft.   $3,500
11ft.    $4,500
12ft.   $5,500
13ft.+ $10,000

Public land

6ft. - 8ft.     $1,750 (2 nights lodging, breakfast and dinner included with lodging)
9ft. - 13ft.   $2,750 (2 nights lodging, breakfast and dinner included with lodging)


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